Aloha Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome to the Portlock Community Association (PCA) website.

We encourage you to join and help create the neighborhood you want! Our Association is not an enforcement agency, but we are here to provide information and support, and to facilitate neighborly relationships.

We have a volunteer Board of Directors that works together with our residents to problem-solve issues that arise in our community and to celebrate our friendships. The Board members meet several times a year, and there is an annual meeting to bring neighbors together and to vote for Board members. This year, we have been meeting via Zoom video conferences, due to the pandemic.  Our community’s governing document, the Declaration of Protective Provisions (DPP) was crafted in 1988. It can be found with other documents and meeting minutes in the “Members Only” section of our website. We invite you to read through these carefully and suggest ideas for relevant changes.

As part of our work, we are dedicated to staying current on relevant residential issues, to communicating with our government leaders to address safety, private property, and other issues that lead to the betterment and beautification of our neighborhood.

• Encourage and facilitate neighborly relationships
• Disseminate information related to weather conditions, such as hurricanes and tsunamis; and information related to safety, such as potential crime alerts; and assist with understanding property assessed values
• Serve as a sounding board for residents who have disputes with their neighbors
• Communicate with off-shore owners, with our neighboring Maunalua Triangle Koko Kai Community Association (MTKKCA), and with the Board of the Maunalua Bay Beach Ohana Reserves.
• Participate in Community Outreach Projects

PCA Board Officers and Board Members are as follows:

President & Treasurer:  Alan Van Zee

Vice-President: Ron Steiner

Secretary:  Jennifer Busto

Members:  John Matias, Rob Burns

Oscar Libed:  Web Master

Please contact us anytime at PortlockPCA@gmail.com and do consider attending our meetings to meet your neighbors and to provide feedback.

Alan Van Zee
2021 President, Portlock Community Association

Cell:  (808) 754-6622