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Report from a Dave Holzman dated 7/17/15:

Aloha Friends and Neighbors –
This a “blast” email sent to everyone who has registered their e-mail address with the PCA.  I have also  asked our Webmaster to post this alert to our website. 
During the last week or so there have been numerous break-ins and robberies in our neighborhood.  They have happened during both daytime and nighttime.  On one day this week, there were seven (7) homes that were broken into between the hours of noon and 1:00 PM.  On Hanapepe Street a car was stolen.  There have been at least five (5) additional break-ins at night.
The Honolulu Police Department has increased their presence and are patrolling both Portlock Road and the Triangle. 
You can do several things…1.> Keep your doors and windows locked.  2.> Lock your cars at night. 3.> Utilize your alarm systems if you have one. 4.> Be on the alert and call the police if you see someone who doesn’t belong.  5.>  TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORS so you are looking out for each other.
Be safe and call the police if you see anything suspicious.  It’s better to be  overly cautious than sorry later.
Dave Holzman